Transmission Repair

Problems That You Would Expect to See with a Rebuilt Transmission

When looking at the transmission from one make and model of vehicle to the next, you would notice that for the most part, they are all the same. However, when a transmission is rebuilt, it is common for certain problems to arise. Of course, for the exact problem as well as the level of severity to be determined, you would need to bring your vehicle to us at Twin Transmission for a proper diagnosis.

With a rebuilt transmission, the best thing you can do is become as educated as much as possible so that you know what problems can arise and how to spot potential trouble. Often, identifying a problem early on is the best way to avoid major problems that are expensive to fix. For virtually any transmission repair in Fort Mill, SC, you cannot go wrong with Twin Transmission.

A common occurrence with a rebuilt transmission is leaking fluid. This can be caused by a number of things, although a worn valve is often suspected. Once a valve wears out, fluid leaks. If the leak is not properly repaired, the leak will get so bad that permanent damage is eventually done to the transmission. Therefore, if you notice standing fluid where you park, you want to take quick action.

Gears can also slip when a transmission is rebuilt. If you notice when driving that the gears of your vehicle slip, you want to have one of our highly trained mechanics perform diagnostic testing. That way, the problem can be identified and repaired.

A rebuilt transmission can also cause the vehicle to jerk when taking off. For some people, this stuttering sensation is nothing more than an annoyance. In reality, this is a sign that there is a problem with the transmission. For that reason, you need your vehicle checked to prevent more damage from being done. This particular problem occurs when the power going to the wheels is inadequate.

Of course, an illuminated check engine light is enough to make anyone worry. Typically, people think the worst, but this light can indicate a number of very minor problems. However, because the check engine light can also indicate something major, it is important to be safe than sorry by having us check the vehicle out and make the necessary repair.

Sometimes, a rebuilt transmission will not allow the vehicle to turn, even when the wheels are turned. Not only does this make parking impossible, it makes driving very difficult and potentially dangerous. Again, rather than ignore the problem, we welcome you to visit Twin Transmission for a professional diagnosis.

When dealing with a rebuilt transmission, it is always in your best interest to gain at least some basic knowledge of problems that commonly develop. By learning what the symptoms of trouble are, there is a good chance that the issue can be corrected. At Twin Transmission, we offer superior transmission repair services in Fort Mill, SC.

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