Transmission Repair – the Low Down

If you take your car to the shop for diagnosis, the one thing you never want to hear is, “It’s the transmission.” Now you begin to think about a second mortgage on the house, volunteering to be a mercenary in a foreign country, or urging Grandpa for a loan against your inheritance. In other words, this repair is going to cost more than money than I can afford. When you check online, you find that it costs between fifteen hundred dollars and eight thousand dollars for a transmission repair. You think, “Gosh that’s a scary range.”

Now is the time to get down to business and find someone local that you can trust to give you a real estimate. If you live close to Charlotte, North Carolina, then get in touch with Twin Transmission. They offer a free estimate online.

There are some national averages that will let you set a goal for the money to be required for a repair. It’s not like you can decide not to repair the transmission. The vehicle will not go anywhere without a transmission, and even if you just have a leak, you don’t want to take the risk of being stranded at an inopportune time.

Leak Repairs

The national average for transmission leak repair is between one hundred fifty and two hundred dollars. If you see bright red or dark red fluid on the ground, that is a good indicator of a transmission fluid leak. Let a certified mechanic perform a service check when you have any indications of leaking fluids. The transmission will quit working without transmission fluid, and the damage could be permanent if the transmission ever operates without fluid.

Shift Solenoid Costs

Shift solenoids pump the fluid in and around the transmission. They wear out sometimes and are necessary for proper transmission function. Trouble shifting or hard shifting is the sign of bad solenoids. Most mechanics suggest that you replace all the solenoids instead of just one because they tend to wear out about the same time. One repair will cost three hundred to eight hundred dollars, so it’s a good idea to replace them all at once.


Transmission Flush

About the only upkeep maintenance that you can perform on the transmission is flushing the fluid. The average for flushing the fluid is one hundred dollars. This simple routine maintenance can save the motorist hundreds of dollars.

Rebuild or Replace a Transmission

The average cost of a rebuilt transmission is twenty-eight hundred to thirty-eight hundred dollars. Prices differ with model and age of the vehicle and are different in different states. These are national averages at the time of this writing.

The cost for my own rebuilt transmission with a three-year warranty turned out to be only fifteen hundred dollars plus labor for an automatic transmission for an 89 Ford Ranger.

Your transmission repair cost will be different than anyone else. Get your free estimate from Twin Transmissions today. Twin Transmissions is the best place to take your transmission if you are located anywhere near Charlotte, North Carolina. We also finance at 0% interest.



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