Transmission Rebuild

Learn How to Prevent Problems with the Transmission

Although many people have a basic understanding of transmissions, many others remain in the dark. Because of this, a large number of drivers have no clue what signs to look for that would indicate a problem with the transmission. With the information provided, you can identify a potential issue. If you notice any of these things, bring your vehicle to us at Twin Transmission for transmission repair in Fort Mill, SC, and the surrounding area.

  • Leaking Fluid – Leaking transmission fluid is actually one of the most common problems. To determine if your vehicle has a leak, look on the ground where you park. If you notice any standing fluid or dark-colored stains, you should bring your vehicle to Twin Transmission so that we can make a proper diagnosis.
  • Old Fluid – You need to have the fluid in your transmission changed frequently. Every manufacturer of automobiles will have a specific recommended schedule. While this is a good place to start, because only 65% of the fluid is actually changed, we strongly suggest that you have the fluid changed more often. Without having the fluid changed, it will begin to burn and cause major problems to the transmission, including complete failure.
  • Improper Gear Shifting – When the vehicle is moving forward, you never want to shift the gear into park or reverse. When this happens, major damage can occur to the transmission. If you happen to do this, you will notice a grinding sound or the vehicle will actually lurch forward.
  • Forcing Gears to Shift – It is also important that you never shift gears from park to drive or reverse without having one foot on the brake. Yes, we all get in a hurry, but by not applying brake pressure, you could easily shift improperly. This puts mechanical force on the gears, which can cause serious damage.

The fact is that certain vehicle makes and models are more prone to transmission problems than others are. However, problems with the transmission can be prevented for all vehicles simply by knowing the signs of trouble. By being aware of the things that go wrong with a transmission, you can keep your vehicle running optimally for peak performance and a long life.

Whether you need the transmission fluid changed or a complete transmission rebuilt, you always want to trust your vehicle to the Fort Mill, SC, area repair experts at Twin Transmission. We take pride in everything that we do and always strive to make you a happy and loyal customer.

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