Top 3 Most Common Transmission Problems

Vehicles and their problems are not much different to human beings and their health. Diagnosing a vehicle problem can be difficult particularly for an untrained individual. A vehicle’s transmission takes many years to shown any problem on it, and a transmission repair can be very expensive if you ignore the first problematic signs. So what are the most common transmission problems? Read through this article for insight into the top three transmission problems.


Shifting Troubles


A vehicle’s transmission system is made up of different components that work together in sequence for a smooth switching. There are numerous factors that can result in this problem including; worn out engine components. When engine components wear out, you will definitely experience shifting problems. You might realize that one or more gears engage but fail to respond instantly. Besides, you might also feel a harsh lurch when the gear shifts.


Abnormal Noise


It is difficult to understand the sounds that a car produces because every car is built differently. If your vehicle’s transmission components are working appropriately, the vehicle should not make excessively disturbing noise. Provided your vehicle’s transmission system is thoroughly cleaned and well lubricated, your car should be relatively silent. You may hear humming, whining or clunking sounds when any of the transmission components is failing or worn out. If you hear such noises, you should have your vehicle checked by a transmission expert in the soonest time possible. These complications do not always suggest a large maintenance bill but can be expensive when ignored for long.


Leaking Transmission Fluids and Foul Odors


This is another common transmission problem. In most cases, the leak could be as a result of loose bolt or joint around the filters or drain plug. If your car is old and the fluid has been unchanged for some time, the problem could be in the gaskets. They normally get worn out after long-term use and begin malfunctioning.


If you notice any of these problems in your car, you are strongly advised to visit an auto transmission shop to have your car checked.  Contact Twin Transmission for more information.

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